If this is you…

Are you tired of the one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss?

Have you tried every diet on the planet and feel like you have failed at all of them?

Have you heard all of the conflicting health and diet advice and have no idea what to believe?

Are you done with all the diet gurus only trying to sell you their latest book or supplement?

Do you feel like every time you are told you “can’t” eat something, that all you want to do is eat it?

Are you ready to get off the diet roller-coaster?

Do you want to stop killing yourself in the gym only to find you aren’t making any progress in your waist size?

Do you feel your body crying out for health and wellness, not just weight loss?


Then, you should meet me….

Look, I have been there.  All of the above reasons are why I started on my journey to health (not just weight loss).  

I tried every 12-week, 30-day, and 6-month program I could get my hands on.  

I have read every diet book (or at least it felt like every) and followed them all to a T – and failed.

I have read every piece of health advice I could get my hands on.  Only to throw my hands up in frustration and defeat.  

I have gone down the Advocare path, thinking that surely supplements (and a little income on the side) would solve all my problems.  

I have put my hope in diet “experts” only to find out they are really just trying to sell me something else or get me to sell something for them.  

I have been told what to eat and what not to eat (which only made me want to eat more of it).  

My weight has been up and down and up and down and…to the point of just giving up and giving in.  

I have spent HOURS in the gym only to find my jeans are still too tight!  

It wasn’t until my body cried out to be well, to be healed, to feel light and clean, that I decided to change my mindset.  


Why should you listen to me…just another voice in the crowd of health and wellness voices?  

Because I am just like you.  I am not a size 2.  I do not have a ton of fancy degrees.  I am not selling a book. I am not selling supplements.  I am a mom.  I am a woman who has issues – with weight, with self-image, with relationships, with eating, with procrastination…with life.  

I am a person who got fed up with everything and decided to figure it out on my own.  Well, I’m still figuring things out.  I am someone who has a story to share.  I am someone who really cares about women just like me.  Women who just want to be healthy.  Women who want to have healthy families.  Women who want to have energy to put back into the people they love.  Women who are not perfect.  Women who fail, but get back up and move on.  

I spent a year diving into what makes us well.  Inside and out.  I decided to get certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach so that I could effectively provide the help I feel is needed to women just like me.  

My programs provide information on how to care for your body, mind, and soul.  I don’t provide programs for quick weight loss.  Through each session, you will gain valuable information on how to cleanse your body and mind, make sound nutritional choices based on your individual needs, learn what type of exercise fits into your lifestyle, and figure out ways you can truly take care of yourself.  


Could one conversation change your life?  Let’s find out!

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Coach Hancock Blog

Chicken-Green Bean Casserole

Since I have changed my diet to primarily paleo, I haven't made too many casseroles.  Casseroles usually involve cream, cheese, and pasta.  I came across a version of this one at one of my favorite batch-cooking sites OnceAMonthMeals.  This Chicken-Green Bean...

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Planked Salmon with Ginger-Shiitake Glaze

This is a wonderful salmon recipe I adapted from Fine Cooking magazine.  They broil the salmon, but I really like salmon cooked on a plank.  In this case, I used a cedar plank.  I also made a couple of other adjustments to the original recipe.  It was delicious.  I...

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I Don’t Want to Be Like You

I don't want to be like you.  Sorry.  It’s the truth.  I don’t.Do you ever find yourself comparing your body, your job, your kids, or your life to others?  If you answered no to any of those, I’m not going to call you a liar.  I promise.What really got me thinking...

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Zucchini-Turkey Burgers

Jaimie Eason-Middleton is one of my favorite people in the fitness industry.  I have been following her for a long time.  She is always sincere and straight forward in her approach to fitness.  Although I am no longer striving for that fitness-model physique, I still...

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Sweet Potato Chili

I love chili!  All of the yummy flavors of chili powder, cumin, onions, and beef!  I am always looking for ways to upgrade our meals.  The other day, my husband came across this recipe from The Dairy Council of California (of all places!).  It is chili, but with sweet...

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Blackened Salmon with Mango-Avocado Salsa

This blackened salmon recipe is one of my family's favorite salmon dishes.  I adapted it from a recipe at Against All Grain, which is one of my go-to sites to go to for gluten-free recipes.  I would suggest making the salsa first, refrigerate, then prepare the salmon....

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The Truth About Calories

by Tonja HancockI didn't want to write about calories today.  I had something else planned.  But over the last few days, this subject has surfaced a few times and I just feel like it’s something I would like to address.I’m sure you have heard the sayings...

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I have been sleeping better and I believe my energy has improved. It’s a positive thing that we can do for our health and well-being and, with a little planning and effort on our part, we can build on this experience and move forward eating a healthy real food diet.

Marti Asher

Lakeview, AR

I slept so deeply and my mind felt clear. I have done other cleanses which helped my sleep and cleared up my skin but on this one, I slept even better. My sugar cravings went way down by the last week. I would recommend it to others. It was fantastic and helped me start off the year with a focus on what will be best for the year concerning my health and body.

Amy McLaughlin

Austin, TX

I have ended up getting so much more from my work with Tonja than I ever expected. With small, definable steps and goals, Tonja has helped me to change my overall mindset about how I view food and exercise. My overall outlook on life has become so much more positive over the past 4 months, which makes handling life’s challenges not feel so overwhelming.

Amanda Kostas

Austin, TX

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